Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Voluminous Renaissance Clothing Fashion

If one wants to go in the past of Renaissance age, then what can be so amazing to own your renaissance dress? Many renaissance dress online are today available in the market with extremely beautiful styles that perfectly describe the Renaissance era. At that time two things were in common that is Art and the culture, which are still mesmerizing now.

The clothes from that era were pretty and colorful and were full of great designs, so undoubtedly they were a great genre considering the above features. This era clothing style was adopted by both the men and women in addition to it wearing capes and cloaks to make their full attire beautiful and unique.

Renaissance clothing fashion could be divided into two main categories:-

The clothing from this period was broadly divided into the following primary categories.

·         Renaissance fashion for Women

During this period of time women had to wear long type dresses like gowns along with full length detachable sleeves. These sleeves were given as token of gift from either groom to his new wife or the girl gets it from her mother or may be from her aunt as a symbol of love.

The full attire of women clothing consisted of the following things.

     1.      Coif
     2.      Fillet
     3.      Bodice
     4.      Skirt and
     5.      Outer Dress

Following the above components of renaissance costumes for women, generally women wear it with the renaissance shoes. These kinds of dresses are perfect of any renaissance festival costume for girls or may be worn during the time of faire or going out for a market visit.

·         Renaissance Fashion for Men

The renaissance costumes for men are equally unique and challenging similar to the women costumes. They bring you back to a time when chivalry was alive. Men would sword fight to the death for the honor of a fair maiden and knights would joust for sport.

The full attire of Male costume consists of the following things:-

     1.      Doublet
     2.      Beret
     3.      Camicia
     4.      Robe
     5.      Jacket
     6.      Skirt
     7.      Hose and
     8.      Hanging Sleeves

Following this type of costume in addition to it they wear either scarpine leather shoes, nobleman’s boot or with slashed leather over contrasting color. The Renaissance era was no doubt full of colors yet simple and stylish.

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