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The Renaissance- The Beginning of the “Modern Period”

The Renaissance period originally started from the 14th to the 17th century, immediately following the Middle Ages and later spreading to the rest of Europe from its birthplace in Italy. This era is well suited to fill the gap in between modern era and Middle Ages. Unlike the Middle Ages, the Renaissance was particular on the classical forms of art, literature and music.

This period was the time of enlightenment and perhaps the most romanticized period in history, a time when chivalry was king and knowledge was the power. As the society and economy changed, new ideas began to popup.

 The causes which lead to Renaissance:-
·         Increased trade with Asia and other regions.
·         Rise of rich and powerful merchants.
·         Increased desire for technical knowledge.

Meaning of Renaissance

The term Renaissance means “rebirth”, re=”again” and nascere="be born" (It was more than a rebirth). Its power exaggerated philosophy, literature, science, art and politics. This period is well known for its artistic contributions and development.

Renaissance festival

Renaissance festival or Renaissance faire is a gathering in United States where citizens get dressed up in beautiful renaissance clothing. Elegant renaissance costumes for women are specially prepared for the occasions.

Over the years Renaissance festivals is the most exciting thing to happen. Large number of people hosts such festivals in their best attires. The participants flaunt their renaissance clothing during the occasion, so they wear best renaissance clothing. People of all ages participate and come along with their family and friends.

Facts about renaissance Period

     ·Leonardo Da Vince, Michael  Angelo and Niccolo were called  Renaissance man.

      ·Major themes of Renaissance: - Humanism, Secularism, Individualism.

      ·Major events:- Age of exploration,  Scientific revolution, The rise of the modern nation.

      ·Florence became a very influential state( major centre of  trade,banking, cloth production and art).

The major divisions of the Renaissance

      1.The Italian Renaissance: - It focused on the Northern Italy and the Rome. The great emphasis was on “knowledge”. The Renaissance started in Italy around 1300’s.

      2. The Northern Renaissance:- It involved the regions of Northern Europe like England,France, Spain. In the 1400’s, the ideas of Italian Renaissance begin to spread to countries like France, Germany, Spain, Britain etc.

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