Wednesday, 30 July 2014

5 Best Renaissance Costumes for Women

Since Renaissance festival is going on so I thought to write on some few costumes related styles which you can wear. Nowadays Renaissance costumes are available on many online websites and physical stores that too on good prices which are affordable.

Renaissance festival is very colorful and anyone can go there and enjoy. The event is followed by food, music, competitions, acts, shopping and many more. Everyone comes in their best attire inspired by Renaissance era.

I am a huge fan of Renaissance costumes and here I have selected 5 best designs which you can try specially made for this occasion: -

1)     Fair Maiden's Dress: - The Fair Maiden's Dress is a perfect dress for the faire or going off to market. This colorful, 16th century styled dress features coordinating front trim and re-enforced boning in the front bodice for extra strong tight lacing.

2)     Anjou Gown: - The romance of the early renaissance is captured in this courtly gown.  Rich brocades, lavish trims, period rounded shoulders and an elegant lace up back all add to the overall beauty of this piece.

   3)     Milady’s Gown: - Though a perfect gown for attracting young Musketeers, it is also fitting for a queen. The bodice and lower sleeves are made from rich dark blue brocade with silver and gold designs embroidered into the fabric.

   4)     Lady Jane Dress: - The rich burgundy velvet body gives a form-fitted appearance and is exquisitely accented with a hand beaded gold trim.

   5)     Avington Gown: - The Avington Nobles Gown is a dress fit for nobility that is made for the lady who wants to look her best, whether she is heading to her local ren fair or attending a fancy costume ball. This gown is just too perfect to own.

All the above dresses look elegant when worn with special renaissance jewelry. These outfits are enough to set you perfectly for your Ren Faire elegantly.

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