Monday, 10 November 2014

10 Best Must Have Renaissance Costumes & Clothing

We all have heard about Renaissance fair and know how famous it is. I believe that it is the best way to celebrate historic moments also it gives us an excuse to gather and have a good time. Hence it gives us a reason to attend a one wearing beautiful Renaissance fair costumes  with family or friends.

In such themed events, what you are wearing affects the most. Everyone wants to look different, unique, beautiful and stylish so it is important to choose the clothes accordingly.  Looking unique doesn’t mean you will spend a lot of money on buying costumes rather select simple clothes so that further you may arrange Renaissance jewelry matching with clothes effortlessly.

Here we will discuss 10 simple yet stylish Renaissance costumes for the event for both men and women.

1.      Renaissance Gowns: - Renaissance gowns are worn by women and these are generally very long up to the toe. Along with these, Renaissance dresses are also very common in such fairs which are inspired by the Victorian era.

2.      Port Royale Shirts: - Next comes the port royal shirts which are common amongst women I have seen. The frills and lace on the shirt makes it more attractive and stylish. A light jewelry with this outfit will go beautiful.

3.      Peasent Blouses: - Another comes the peasant blouses, which women love to wear when dressing up for the Renaissance. The crinkled fabric of this outfit is an add on which can be worn with long skirts.

4.      Bustle: - This outfit comes from the late 19th century, which were worn under the skirt in the back, just below the waist to keep the skirt still. This Victorian fashioned piece looks cool with the combination of corset. 

5.      Farthingale: - This comes from the 16th and 17th century made specially for skirts in order to give them some shape. Originally, originated in Spain will give a queen like look.

6.      Doublet: - This doublet is worn by men, which is a kind of buttons, jacket (came from the early middle ages). I have seen so many males wearing this with pants and long boots.

7.      Tabard:-  This outfit can be worn by men and because it is kind of short coat first common in the middle ages.  This was made generally when going for some outdoor activity.

8.      Robe:- Another comes this loose fitted outer garment which is different from cape. You must have seen judges or barristers wearing this or 18th century peasants.

9.      Renaissance vests:- Next comes the vests, which can be a part of both Renaissance as well as medieval festivals. The vest is an accepted fashioned piece for men first worn during the middle ages and Renaissance.

10.  Knee Breeches:- These knee breeches can be worn by both men and women on the lower part of the body. These are normally closed and fastened about the leg.

All above are the Renaissance costumes for women and men which can be worn in such festivals along with the combinations of other accessories. The list is long, but these are very basic clothings which you may love to try for the next event.

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