Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Top 5 Tips for Renaissance Faire 2014

Are you planning to attend your next renaissance festival within this year? If yes then this is the right place you have landed as here you will find some of the awesome tips on renaissance costumes for women as well as men.

Renaissance Costume for Men
“What should I wear in the renaissance festival?” is the most basic question which comes to the mind mainly when you are attending it for the first time. The renaissance dresses are nothing but the combination of both the medieval styling as well as the modern styling with beautiful long gowns for women.

Here are some of the tips which you should consider if you are first time attending the festival.

     1) When you are attending the renaissance festival then try to dress up in renn styling that is wearing long gowns or other stuff like garb. For some of the cool renaissance dresses online you can surf on the internet but that should be historically accurate.

    2) In addition to the dresses you can also research on the renaissance jewelry which may include earrings, necklaces, rings or similar kind.

Renaissance Feather Plumes

You can also try to make your own renaissance faire costume by looking at your budget that is how much you can invest on it. Many online tutorials are available which will teach you to make an outfit.

     4) If you are still confused then you can try out watching historical period movies or books, from their you will get some idea how the women of than times used to dressed up.
Renaissance Costume for Women
     5)Avoid wearing wristwatches, sunglasses or skirts as renaissance is related to medieval and definitely you don’t have to give other look besides historical one.

Attending the renaissance faire is full of excitement where people are beautifully dressed in costumes. It is up to you like how you carry yourself that is the attitude you have to maintain throughout. It is not at all necessary that you buy expensive clothes or do heavy makeup. Remember one thing being comfortable is the first thing, you just have to be simple that’s it. 

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