Monday, 10 November 2014

10 Best Must Have Renaissance Costumes & Clothing

We all have heard about Renaissance fair and know how famous it is. I believe that it is the best way to celebrate historic moments also it gives us an excuse to gather and have a good time. Hence it gives us a reason to attend a one wearing beautiful Renaissance fair costumes  with family or friends.

In such themed events, what you are wearing affects the most. Everyone wants to look different, unique, beautiful and stylish so it is important to choose the clothes accordingly.  Looking unique doesn’t mean you will spend a lot of money on buying costumes rather select simple clothes so that further you may arrange Renaissance jewelry matching with clothes effortlessly.

Here we will discuss 10 simple yet stylish Renaissance costumes for the event for both men and women.

1.      Renaissance Gowns: - Renaissance gowns are worn by women and these are generally very long up to the toe. Along with these, Renaissance dresses are also very common in such fairs which are inspired by the Victorian era.